Sunday, January 22, 2012


No, we are not pregnant...technically.  Just jokes.  I really do not consider myself pregnant in any sense, although I do feel as though we are expecting kids.  I don't know what it's like to have a baby growing inside of you and be "expecting," but lately I've been wondering if the emotional side is anything like what I'm feeling.  When you get pregnant, you have roughly 9 months to "expect" your baby and, for the most part, you know pretty much what they will need.  Although some people choose not to know the sex of the baby, you do know that they will be a day 1 old infant.  So with that you know that they will need things like...a crib and/or a pack n' play, changing table, infant clothes, infant diapers, infant car seat, stroller, etc....I'm sure you moms out there could add to that list.  With us it's a little I'm finding out more and more, 'different' is going to be our norm.  Instead of 9 months, we will have had about 4.  Are we 'expecting' a toddler? an infant? a school age kid? a boy? a girl? will they have behavior issues (I guess you could say, what kid doesn't?)?  will they have learning issues?  This has been challening for me as I am a person who likes to know and to have a plan.  I am one who would definitely find out the sex of the baby.  It would make me feel more prepared.  I don't feel at all prepared for the kids that are coming.  I know I need to let that go because God will prepare us and our home, but it isn't easy.  All of a sudden I feel this urge, or need, to prepare a nursery, or buy a kitchen table that's been on our "wish list" since we moved in, or get new carpet before the kids come...the list goes on.  I wonder if this is what you do when you are "expecting" or if it's my way of trying to prepare for something that is so ambiguous.  Either way, I know it's definitely something I need to work on.  These kids don't need a house with new carpet.  Or a perfectly set up room with newly painted walls (they probably won't even mind that we have popcorn ceilings).  Or even a kitchen table to eat on (yes, we do have a dining table...we would not be sitting on the floor to eat).  These kids need something way more important.  They need love.  They need Jesus.  They need consistancy.  They need structure.  They need care.  None of these things cost money or take any amount of preparation....other than lots of prayer :)  When I remind myself of this I feel more prepared.  

However...our agency does require a tad they should.  Since about mid-December we have been filling out paperwork, gathering documents, getting our house inspected, etc.  Here are a few things that are on "the list":
  • a 2-part survey
  • 23 page application with essay questions and is what helped me get through that:

just jokes, it wasn't that bad
  • copies of things like driver licenses, social security cards, marriage certificate, pay stubs, pet vaccinations, insurance cards (health and car), and diplomas
  • a floor plan (have you every made a floor plan of your house?  it's not so easy...or at least it wasn't for me)
  • a fire escape is a picture of ours...i'm quite proud of it:

yes i measured every room, hallway, and closet
  • house photos
  • registered dogs with the city
  • fire inspection (thank goodness for foster kids...apparently we only had 1 working smoke detector in our house...see, they are blessing us already!) 

what we needed for our house to be "fire safe"

couldn't pass up the "after-Christmas sale isle"...score!!
So, that bring us pretty much up to date.  We have a few more things left on the list including a health inspection (hopefully will be done this week or next), disaster plan, fingerprints, physicals, and TB tests.  Our first training is this coming Saturday.  We'll go all day for 2 Saturdays in a row, as well as 2 Monday evenings and 2 Tuesday evenings.  By February 7th we should have everything done on our end to be "prepared" for kids.  Our agency will still need to do our homestudy and writeup before we are "open."

One last thing - thank you for all your kind words and prayers about my last post.  I really feel like our family and friends are walking this road with us as they support us and pray for us.  It's definitely appreciated, so thank you.  Again, my hope for this blog is just to keep you all informed on what is going on and how God is working in our lives.  I hope that people will look at our story and see God and just how amazing HE is.  We are so excited to continue walking down this path He has laid for us!     

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  1. I think you're doing GREAT! Hang in there - so excited for you!