Thursday, May 23, 2013


11 - the number of months the kids have been with us as of this past Monday

8 - the number of days we have left with the kids....yes they are going home...we got THE call on Monday....they will leave our house May 31....yes it will be the hardest thing I've ever done to pack them up and let them go....yes we will do it again....yes we are taking a break...yes we have high hopes of keeping a relationship with them and their family

4 - the hour on Saturday that we will drop them off with their family for an overnight visit

10:35 - the time of the church service their mom (and maybe Grandma) is coming to, to drop them back off with us after their overnight....YES she is COMING to CHURCH with US....praise Jesus...please pray that it would go well and she will feel welcomed and know that there is a community that loves her, and their precious kids, at our church...if you go to Northwest and know us and have supported us, please come find us and introduce yourselves...we would love for you to meet her

7,384 - the number of times they've made me laugh

7,385 - the number of times they've made me cry (joking...they are wonderful)

43ish - the number of times I did little mama's hair

2 - the number of ER visits in 11 months (big brother - asthma, little mama - staples in the head)

2 - the number of dental surgeries

32ish - the number of "Foster Fridays" we've had since they came...with super amazing friends who have helped us TREMENDOUSLY and walked through this first placement with love love you guys...a million thanks

300ish - the number of times we read a book on the couch before bed

1 - the number of times someone fell in the pool...oops

1 billion - the number of times I've heard "Kiki" in the past 11 months (although I'm now also referred to as "Kiks" thanks to Dave)

2 - the number of pee-wee sport seasons we played

37 - the number of times big brother spilled his drink at the dinner table...just could be accurate

640ish - the number of times I applied lotion to their stinking cute bodies

probably not enough - the number of times I gave them baths

probably too much - the number of times we had frozen corn dogs for dinner (no we did not eat them frozen)

6 - the number of times I've made the wrong decision of whether or not to send them to daycare or pick them up when daycare calls because they are sick/hurt....I sure hope I figure this "mother" thing out for our next kids' sake

13 - the number of bags little mamma can put on when playing dress-up

2 - the number of princess dresses little mamma can put on when playing dress-up...oh yes, both at the same time + the bags and probably Kiki's high heals and 1 or 2 scarves

9 - the number of spider-mans big brother has...maybe a few with missing limbs that may or may not have been found in dog poops in our backyard

500+ - the number of times we hope to still see them and their family...we love them so much and pray that we will continue to do our part of ministering not only to them, but to their family

We've truly had a blast parenting these kids for the past 11 months.  Not that it's always been easy, pretty sure any parent would say that, but it just has been sooooo GOOD.  The thing I've heard the most lately (either from Mother's Day or their going home-ness) is "you guys have been such a blessing to these kids."  But honestly friends, it's the other way around.  They have blessed us more than I will probably ever know.  God has used them to change me and to reveal my sin and to draw me closer to Him and to show me how to be more like Christ.  I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and I pray that God blesses us with a long-term relationship with the family. 

Like I said, we will be taking about a month or so break (Dave's answer might be different), but we are focusing on finishing well with these kids first.  I think we have a vacation in the works, most likely Vegas, and I should have plenty of time to do things like, oh I don't know, blog more than once every 4 months?  Oh also, 1 more number...

9 - the number of years I taught...I will not be coming back next year....that decision was made on Wednesday....this week has sort of been a roller coaster :/

Love you guys!